Our pizza bases. Ready to bake without defrosting and 100% Made in Italy

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Frequently asked questions

A pizza base is a dough ball that has already been kneaded and comes as a white “disc” ready for you to add your toppings.
 With our bases, all the hard work of the pizza chef has already been done, so all you have to do is add your chosen toppings and cook the pizza in a normal refractory oven. It is the easiest, most cost-effective way to offer pizza on your menu without having to rely on a pizza chef and having to face the resultant increased running costs. All of our products are made in Italy by the leading Italian artisanal producers; our products are available both fresh (packaged in a protective atmosphere for storage at 0°C / +4°C) and frozen (for storage at -18°C).

A refractory oven. There are numerous solutions on the market for installing ovens of various sizes to meet your needs – with our pizza bases, you can achieve the same quality you would expect from a wood-fired oven, without having to deal with the large footprint of that type of oven or having to apply for specific licences.

Yes, of course! Our products could not be more different from the industrially manufactured products on the market. Our dough undergoes 48-72 hours of proofing before being kneaded entirely by hand.

No. The pizza base comes as a white disc ready for you to add your topping of choice.

No. They are ready to use. You just have to add your topping and bake.

No. They are ready to use. You just have to add your topping and bake.

Yes. Our pizza bases are available fresh (packaged in a protective atmosphere that allows them to be stored in Fridge for 30/45 days at + 4°C / +39.2°F), or frozen (-18°C / -0.4°F with a shelf life of 12/18 months). More info for the fresh bases here.

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